3 June 2016

Top 10 finalists for Joo Won's leading lady in 'My Sassy Girl' drama version

Kim Yoon Ji
(former Miss Korea contestant) 

Kim Joo Hyun

Han Se Wan
(starred in independent and short films)

Park Eun Ji

Park Ji Hyun

Bae Min Jung
(worked with Joo Won in Naeil's Cantabile)

(SNSD Yuri's model cousin)

Shin Ji Soo
(member of girl group Tahiti)

Jung In Sun
(former child actress. Known works include Sampoong Clinic, Memories of Murder, Han Gong Ju and Mirror of the Witch) 

Han Ji Eun 
(Landed the lead role in movie 'Real' with a competition rate of 4,200:1)

Daum Cafe: 10 candidates for drama 'My Sassy Girl' female lead

-They're all pretty

-Long time no see Jung In Sunㅠㅠㅠ

-None of them fits the role

-I hope it's judged through acting skills

-They should just leave the original alone. I want 'My Sassy Girl' to remain a movie

-Cheering for Jung in Sun!!!!

-Bae Min Jung seems like a good fit

-In Sun-ah ㅠㅠㅠ I've been watching you since you were a kid

-I want Jung In Sun to be chosen. Her acting is amazing

-Park Eun Ji was in 'Ulzzang Generation' as Goo Hara's lookalike

-Jung In Sun in 'Mirror of the Witch' is outstanding. That's the only drama I've seen her in recent years. Her parts were short but she's a total scene stealer

-Please pick In Sun

-Either Vivian or Jung In Sun

-This is a sageuk?