25 July 2016

Child model Hwang Shi Eun

Daum Cafe: 09er kid model Hwang Shi Eun 

-She's prettier than me~

-She doesn't feel like a kid, reminds of those famous Instagram girls in their 20s

-Wow, her beauty is complete

-Feels like SM will soon be scouting her

-She gives me Tzuyu vibes

-Too much makeup for a little kid

-I thought she was YG's Jisoo for a second

-She looks like a doll!

-Only 8 years old, she is the same age as my daughter

-Pretty but seeing make-up on kids is so off-putting, it's not good for their skin too ㅠㅠㅠ

-I'm old enough to be her aunt but I wanna call her unni

-I get that she's a model but is there a need for the makeup and mature styling?

-She has a bright future ahead of her