20 July 2016

Chun Woo Hee renews contract with Namoo Actors

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Chun Woo Hee renews contract with Namoo Actors 'unwavering loyalty for 6 years' 

1. [+1,187, -31] Going through hardships makes a person wiser. It could be because Chun Woo Hee-ssi was unknown for a very long time, she sounds really wise and she really seems passionate about acting. I hope you hit it big

2. [+816, -19] Chun Woo Hee-ssi, do a drama

3. [+786, -13] There is a currently a shortage of actresses her age so it's great to see someone like her to fill that lackㅎㅎ I started to like her for her good acting skills. Her personality must be likeable too considering she constantly appears in movies and gets tons of casting love calls ㅎㅎ Hope to see you more on screen

4. [+570, -16] She's super pretty and charming ㅠㅠ

5. [+379, -16] When will you be in a drama????

6. [+142, -7] I think Namoo Actors is the nicest agency out there.. Kim Moo Saeng-ssi asked the CEO to take care of Joo Hyuk and I think he really meant it when he said "you're the only one I can trust". The CEO gets along well with his artists and even sends them on trips

7. [+132, -7] Namoo Actors' CEO is known to be a kind man, it's no wonder their artists renew contracts ㅋㅋ

8. [+117, -3] Namoo Actors is good at managing their artists. Look at Kim Joo Hyuk and Moon Geun Young, they stayed loyal to the agency