4 July 2016

EXID concludes L.I.E promotions

Edaily -Naver: EXID wraps up 'L.I.E' promotions "preview to second half of the year comeback"

1. [+389, -33] Hani mentioned Junghwa a lot.. I hope she is promoted more

2. [+344, -41] "You should never have been born"!! I like thisㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+276, -37] I like that they picked a new style with L.I.E. Until when do they have to release songs with similar style as Up and Down? Good to see them being adventurous

4. [+313, -52] Love the song and the album was a success too. But they're not getting as much popularity because their agency is being so dumb

5. [+220, -30] Looking forward to their future comebacks!!

6. [+139, -29] It's nice that they shifted away from releasing hook songs. If only their agency wasn't so stupid to release the song at noon, release it at midnight next time. Other than that, everything was good. Made me happy whenever the song topped the charts and when they won #1

7. [+150, -37] Am I the only one who liked L.I.E? LE's got a knack for composing

8. [+98, -20] This is my favorite of all EXID's songs. I like how the start sounds like a ballad but transitions into a dance song in the middle. All 5 are pretty. Great song!!!