11 July 2016

Im Ji Yeon cast as female lead in upcoming drama

tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Im Ji Yeon is the lead role for MBC weekend drama 'Mipoongah'... to work with Son Ho Joon 

1. [+2,046, -84] At this rate, Im Ji Yeon just amazes me...Whoever is behind her must be a strong one if even her agency managed to block her grad photos from surfacing

2. [+1,970, -95] Who is backing her up? I don't understand

3. [+1,820, -96] I was so surprised by her terrible acting in 'Doctors' yesterday..

4. [+1,282, -70] I wonder who's behind her

5. [+546, -20] Daebak... She was recently a lead in 'Jackpot' and now in another drama.. It's really a mystery ㅋㅋ

6. [+564, -27] Her bad acting ruined her cameo in 'Doctors'. Please come back when you've practiced enough. You and Jin Se Yeon are currently the top when it comes to landing lead roles with your bad acting

7. [+510, -5] Who is her sponsor? She's such a fail in everyone and now another lead role??

8. [+399, -11] Her acting is really bad

9.[+371, -12] Who is your sponsor?

10.  [+365, -15] I realized when I saw her in 'Doctors' yesterday that she's not lead material