7 July 2016

Leessang face disputes and protest by their forcibly evicted former building tenant

Mydaily - Naver: Leessang's building tenants "Compulsory eviction is cruel, we will take direct action in front of Gary's house"

[detailed story]

1. [+5,585, -61] But you guys are the problem. The landlords had legal right to evict you out and you're running illegal activities in their building but why aren't you leaving?

2. [+4,404, -53] This is like not wanting to pay taxes but it's something one has to do.  If the owner asks you to leave once your contract is up, you have to leave whether you dislike it or not

3. [+4,086, -47] What did Gary who lives next door do wrong? Knock it off already. Your arrogance is a problem but your temper is a bigger problem

4. [+3,390, -61] Hey, why can't you just leave when you're told to? How long did you drag it out that it led to forced eviction? Don't you know that protesting in front of someone's house is illegal? Stop being such an ass

5. [+3,048, -33] How long do they plan on dragging it out? Can't stand this

6. [+856, -9] Ahjusshi, court orders asked you to leave. You've been there since 2010 and ran your business long enough already. Follow the law if you want to conduct business in peace

7. [+831, -11] The landlords are the pitiful ones in this situation

1. [+3,572, -68] If you're so resentful, why not sue them? I don't understand why you keep media playing

2. [+3,417, -53] It's not like they asked him to leave right away. This has been going on for years, knock it off. Just because they're celebrities,  he's dragging it for as long as he can

3. [+3,042, -50] How dirty

4. [+247, -3] This guy signed a two-year contract in 2010 and was allowed 3 more years to stay.. But look, it's 2016 already.  You're saying this is beyond the law but you're the one who doesn't want to cooperate with the law.. you've done enough business in the building so what's the reason hanging in there?