21 July 2016

'Let's Fight Ghost' PD says Kim So Hyun & Taecyeon's kiss scene was filmed carefully to not make viewers uncomfortable

tv Report - Naver: 'Let's Fight Ghost' PD "Minor Kim So Hyun's kiss scene, edited carefully for viewers to not feel uncomfortable 

1. [+1,276, -92] It wasn't uncomfortable at all

2. [+925, -27] You mean a peck, not a kiss

3. [+684, -32] But Yeo Jin Goo didn't get in any controversies with his kiss scene?

4. [+381, -19] It was all good!!!!!!!

5. [+130, -11] In 'Potato Star',  Yeo Jin Goo was a minor but his character's age is 25. He and Ha Yeon Soo shared a deep kiss...Watch dramas for fun, no need to be so sensitive

6. [+88, -3] More like a peck than a kiss scene ㅋ I don't think their lips even touched, that's why the camera kept circling around them ㅋBongpal and Hyun Ji are refreshingly cute enough so don't mind the complaints, director. Keep up the good work and include lots of this couple's sweet scenes ㅋㅋ

7. [+98, -10] Didn't Yeo Jin Goo have a kiss scene when he was still a minor?

8. [+87, -5] It's only a drama, why so much fuss over their ages . And isn't her character 21 years old? It's not even a bed scene, why can't a minor film a kiss scene?