31 July 2016

Ok Joo Hyun's "promise me" vs Sohee's "omona" vs Sana's "sha sha sha"

1. Ok Joo Hyun's "promise me"
(Fin. K.L - Forever Love) 

2. Sohee's "omona"
(Wonder Girls - Tell Me)

3. Sana's "sha sha sha"
(Twice - Cheer Up)

Daum Cafe: Which girl group choreography point made the most impact? 

-#2, to the point that the whole nation knew about it

-#2 of course. And Tell Me is what catapulted WG to fame

-Where is T-Ara's Bo Beep Bo Beep? That one was so popular too

-Sha sha sha is still pretty new, I only found out about it recently

-Omona is a wall

-"Promise me" was famous not for the choreography but for the melody


-Apink's No No No

-1 and 2>>>>> wall >>>> sha sha sha

-Kids born in 2007 or 2008 would never know how huge Sohee's omona was back then

-It's different for every generation, so for me it's "promise me"