18 July 2016

Shin Se Kyung praises Yoo Ah In

Dong A - Naver: 'Section tv', Shin Se Kyung "Yoo Ah In is a man without pretense... these aren't empty words" 

Shin Se Kyung: He is a good person. He's sincere and unpretentious. I praise him in every interview to the point that I worry about not sounding sincere.

1. [+5,071, -107] That's how Yoo Ah In really seems

2. [+3,921, -113] He's indeed unpretentious. He behaves with principle while not caring what others think of him

3. [+2,540, -160] Why is Shin Se Kyung so pretty... she's always been pretty though

4. [+2,633, -249] We were all fooled by Yoochun's facade...

5. [+471, -23] Shin Se Kyung has always gushed about how cool Yoo Ah In is, even during 'Fashion King' and in an interview 2 years ago. He obviously has good personality. Shin Se Kyung is pretty too!! Back off haters

6. [+441, -41] I cannot believe her co-star in 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' was that kind of person. Goosebumps

7. [+364, -28] Looking at Yoo Ah In's past interviews and his whereabouts, he really is an honest person

8. [+376, -34] Sigh... for no reason, I'm suddenly feeling protective of Se Kyung after the whole Yoochun case blew up. She matches with a good person like Yoo Ah In ~