5 July 2016

Singer Lee Soo Young criticized for making offensive remarks towards Mamamoo fans

(tn: I don't fully understand the context of the Instiz post but here's what I got from another source: Lee Soo Young was the MC at a show that Mamamoo appeared in back in March where she allegedly made insulting remarks towards Mamamoo fans. One of the fans brought up the issue at Lee Soo Young's fan cafe but she was eventually kicked out. She didn't let it out for 3 months due to not wanting to make the issue bigger before finally tweeting it just recently. Below are the remarks Lee Soo Young made)

-"There are quite a lot of girls here who look like guys"
-"Stop following singers around, did your parents raise you to be like this?"
-"To all the short-haired female fans, we won't let you in next time if you don't grow your hair out"
-"Mamamoo's light stick is a radish? If you studied with ideas like that, you could've been accepted to Seoul Uni" 
-"The ones who look like males are females , the ones who look like females are male" (tn: this one's a bit unclear to me
-After the broadcast with Mamamoo, she put this up on her fan cafe "Today, I realized that normal fans are precious",noting that Mamamoo fans are abnormal
-Additional: She guested on the same show with Rose Motel (tn: an indie band) and after seeing their costumes, she said "they look like servants"

Instiz: Lee Soo Young gets in controversy for targeting Mamamoo fans 

-Is she the one from Hidden Singer?

-What's wrong with her???

-I have no idea who this woman is but she's rude

-Lee Soo Young was popular before and I liked her songs but she went too far with this one

-She's the abnormal one

-What's so wrong with being short-haired?! I'm appalled

-I'm surprised this fan kept quiet for 3 months, imagine what a bigger fandom would've done...