26 July 2016

Yang Se Hyung to possibly join 'Infinity Challenge' as a regular member

tv Report - Naver: "Qualified enough to be the Seventh Man"... Why it's highly likely that Yang Se Hyung will become a regular member of 'MuDo'

1. [+15,344, -751] Everything else aside, he's really good at firing back whenever Park Myung Soo gives him the serious look or ignores him. I still remember when Jung Junha warned him about Park Myung Soo in the beginning

2. [+13,811, -782] He naturally joined as a semi regular member, it's better to naturally add him in while viewers are in favor of it. Gil was a semi regular member at first and naturally became regular. But still I miss Jung Hyung Don

3. [+11,376, -1,154] He would've been unanimously chosen if the Sixth Man project was currently happening ㅋㅋ

4. [+11,376, -1,154] The production team shouldn't have started the Sixth Man project in the first place. It is their worst decision ever

5. [+9,492, -1,217] Uhm, not a bad idea..  I can't help but compare Yang Se Hyung and Kwanghee .. It made me realize that comedians are good at variety as they are quick-witted.. I wonder if Kwanghee will naturally drop out when he leaves for the army.. If Yang Se Hyung joins, it will be such a crowd and Kwanghee's will seem like he's only there to observe

6. [+2,263, -135] Well, Yang Se Hyung is a better choice over Jang Dong Min who spits out offensive stuff. Yang Se Hyung knows his boudaries and still be funny

7. [+1,829, -112] What MuDo should've done during Sixth Man project was skip the interview, and made the candidates work like they were interns and pick the person who did the best

8. [+1,717, -127] Park Myung Soo already dropped a hint when he said "you're not yet a regular". Yang Se Hyung for sure is going to be a regular member

9. [+2,088, -255] To be honest, Yang Se Hyung had more airtime than Kwanghee had in a year

1. [+29, -5] Honestly, Yang Se Hyung is good in MuDo

2. [+26, -5] Whoever needs to leave should leave right away, and person who's joining should join right away

3. [+26, -8] It's been a year since Kwanghee joined MuDo, it's problematic that he hasn't adjusted. Until when do we have to wait for him to be ready? If you're not fit for it, just leave