2 August 2016

EXO Chen's uncanny resemblance to a Japanese model

Daum Cafe:
 An male idol who wore a wig and dressed up like a girl

is EXO's Chen

no, it's not him but Japanese model Arai Manaka

-It's crazy how much they resemble each other

-Wow, she could be his twin sister..

-I almost believed it

-Please tell me that's Chen with a wig in the 10th photo

-Daebak. I'm a fan but I thought these were photoshopped photos of Chen

-They are the same age too..

-Look at their eyebrows, they're so similar

-Someone said they're the same age... goosebumps, they are probably twins

-She kinda looks like Kim Sejung

-When I read the title, I thought he crossdressed for a concert ㅎㄷㄷ