21 August 2016

Ha Ji Won says she maintains her figure before CF shoot with chimaek

Mydaily - Naver: 'Section', Ha Ji Won "How I manage my body before filming? I had chimaek" (tn: chimaek = chicken and beer) 

1. [+2,015, -47] She normally works out everyday and so she doesn't gain weight even if she consumes chimaek

2. [+1,498, -66] Gil Ra Im-ssi when did you become so pretty?

3. [+1,178, -64] She never seems to age.. woah...

4. [+1,103, -66] Wow.. really pretty.. at one point Ha Ji Won became so elegant and more gorgeous

5. [+683, -85] I wanna live a day with Ha Ji Won's face..

6. [+121, -6] She probably goes to the gym, does muscle training with a personal trainer and finishes it up with cardio. I assume she consistently works out and has fast metabolism. When she eats chimaek, she excretes it out instead of gaining weight

7. [+101, -4] She didn't mention how much chimaek she has ㅋㅋ Probably just a sip of beer and a piece of chicken

8. [+72, -9] She looks toned. I bet her metabolism is super fast and doesn't gain weight even if she feasts on chimaek