13 August 2016

[Photoshoots] Yoona, Lee Jong Suk, Hyoyeon, Jin Ji Hee

tv Report - Naver: "Autumn is coming" Yoona, girl with mysterious aura

1. [+3,074, -213] Yoona is indeed pretty but more than that, I really want autumn to come soon just as the title says

2. [+2,273, -300] Pretty pretty, she just keeps getting prettier.. The class of SNSD's center

3. [+1,903, -248] Her beauty saved her hairstyle.. Very pretty ㅜㅠ

4. [+1,650, -251] Everyday she's pretty

5. [+1,374, -221] She's so gorgeous especially in the 4th and 5th photos, I'm speechless. She's playing a character from a royal family in 'K2' and her visuals alone are daebak

6. [+202, -33] It's already the time for fall photoshoots but the weather is still so hot. Cheer up Yoona

Sports Chosun - Naver: "Unparalleled manjjitnam (tn: man who who looks like he came straight out of a comic"...Lee Jong Seok, visuals with context 

1. [+3,040, -120] He's really the unparalleled master of photoshoots. Lee Jong Suk is a true manjjitnam

2. [+2,265, -104] He is unreal, he really embodies a male lead from a comic~~~  He has the acting chops too~ Lee Jong Suk is cool

3. [+1,675, -92] Makes me happy seeing this in the morning! Kang Chul♥ Jong Suk

4. [+1,494, -83] Lee Jong Suk = Kang Chul ♡♡♡♡

5. [+1,461, -81] He's even more charming when he acts~~ What an eye candy

6. [+653, -40] Why is his body so perfect too? He's beautifully slim and muscular

tv Report - Naver: "Girl, beauty explosion", Hyoyeon graces the pages of a Taiwanese fashion magazine 

1. [+2,328, -167] She got so much prettier as if she was a different person ㅎ

2. [+1,294, -92] It's nice that she is quite passionate about dancing

3. [+1,195, -88] You can tell that Hyoyeon is great at dancing when you watch her in 'Hit the Stage'

4. [+1,093, -88] She's so cool when she dances, plus she's normally easygoing and nice, that's what makes her likeable ㅎㅎ

5. [+458, -39] Not only in SNSD but she's one of the best dancers among idols. When she was a trainee, she went to the US and learned dance. Anyway, she worked hard towards her pursuits but once she debuted, people called Hyogre and got bashed for her looks. I understand if people view plastic surgery negatively but it seems unfair to badmouth someone for their appearance before looking at their skills and strengths first

6. [+436, -45] She did the right thing by going blonde and changing her eyebrows, her stylist deserves an award for that

Herald Pop - Naver: "Run-off 2', Jin Ji Hee "I gained unnis through this project"

1. [+591, -16] Bbanggu Ddongggu is all grown up now. So pretty

2. [+478, -16] She used to look like Sistar's Soyu but now, there's a distinct aura that comes out of her

3. [+343, -10] Bbanggu Ddonggu is all grown up~ Please never get plastic surgery~

4. [+336, -16] Our Bbanggu Ddonggu grew up well

5. [+175, -19] I thought this was Soyu when I saw the thumbnailㅋㅋ

6. [+97, -5] Child actresses are pretty. You're pretty just the way you are so please don't think of getting plastic surgery~ It's rare to see a natural beauty in the industry, it will be your merit