19 August 2016

Relationship with high school and college friends summed up in one photo?

(girl on the left is 'high school friend', girl on the right is college/university friend)

Daum Cafe: College students, agree or not? 

-I agree, I've grown apart with some of my high school friends

-Nah, I have friends in college but I'm happier and more comfortable when I'm with my high school friends

-Kinda true tho! I met my best friend in one of my classes in university

-It's been years since I graduated college and the bond I have with three friends is still are strong as ever. They're some of the best people I've met in life

-I didn't have many friends in college and high school but I met more friends when I worked part-time jobs

-The way I interpret this picture is it's true that you're close to college friends but you force yourself to keep in touch with high school friends

-Most people won't agree with me but making friends in college is hard

-I'm jealous of people who met many friends in college...I was a loner

-It's different for everybody