5 August 2016

[SHINee] Key & Jung Chaeyeon for tvN's 'Drinking Solo' + Onew to guest at Kim Yeon Woo's concert

tv Report - Naver: "'Drinking Solo' fighting... Key X Jung Chaeyeon, pretty and handsome 

1. [+775, -46] As long as the acting is not bad!!!!!

2. [+564, -67] Key's hairstyle is unusual, I'm curious about his character. He got that scar on his eyebrow he was injured as a child

3. [+429, -57] Kibum fighting!!!!! He's good at cooking, I hope there's a scene of him making snacksㅎㅎ

4. [+312, -60] Kibum's hair is pretty, the scar on his eyebrow adds to his charm ㅎㅎ Do well 'Drinking Solo'~~ Already excited to watch itㅎㅎ Fighting ❤❤❤ x 1000~

5. [+250, -43] Hwaiting both of you! Let's watch before we judge~ Looking forward to it!

6. [+132, -24] Pretty and handsome... Key's hairstyle is cute ㅋㅋ Supporting you, I hope the acting is good!

7. [+108, -17] Cheering for Jung Chaeyeon and Kim Kibum! There are viewers who will find them uncomfortable since they're still pretty new with acting but keep in mind that you have your fans' supportㅎㅎ Chaeyeon and Key fighting!

Osen- Naver: [Exclusive] SHINee's Onew to guest at Kim Yeon Woo's concert

1. [+812, -6] Woah daebak God Yeon Woo and Onew!!!

2. [+565, -4] I love their voices!!! Cheering on both of you~

3. [+542, -8] Hul crazy. Can't believe I'll be seeing this combo. Looking forward to it

4. [+477, -4] Hoping to hear good songs!

5. [+403, -6] God Yeon Woo ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wanna go to the concert ㅠ

6. [+134, 0] Listen to their duet 'The Name' if you haven't yet ㅠ God Yeon Woo's voice is unique and charming

7. [+122, -1] Wishing for Onew to release an album!!! SM, do your work.  Why aren't you showing off his gem of a voice?