1 September 2016

A citizen spammed with calls after 'W' uses actual phone number

"In episode 12 of 'W', the phone number that Kang Chul used was aired 
without blurring it out. I thought that it might be an event number
so I saved it and sent a KaTalk message..."

I'm not W's Lee Jong Suk. I've already received 270 calls... Please don't call 

"when in fact it's a citizen's phone number, who's already
being spammed with calls...seems like the production team
needs to compensate this person for the damage caused"

Daum Cafe: [W] Kang Chul's phone number in the drama is actually a number that's currently in use

-Wow, that's crazy.. I knew something was off when they showed all the numbers.  TV shows usually blur half of it

-Of course I thought it was either one of the staff member's phone number or it didn't exist

-They could've used something nondescript like 010-123-1111

-The production team is 100% at fault

-I'd be damn pissed if that was my phone number

-The people who called the number are such nuisance too

-Reminds me of that one person who was inundated with calls because of Zion. T

-This is so irresponsible of the production team. How hard is it to confirm the number first or censor the last few digits out?