10 September 2016

GFriend models for Clinique

Daum Cafe: Girlgroup GFriend models for Clinique

-Who did their makeup?

-Is it really for Clinique?

-It doesn't suit them

-Clinique's marketing team + people who did their makeup. tsk tsk tsk

-The concept is more fitting for brands like Holika Holika or Peripera

-Isn't Clinique more well known as a skincare brand than makeup?

-Suddenly feels like they're modelling for a road shop

-The styling and makeup is too much...

-What did they do to these pretty kids?

-I'm a fan of Clinique products and the concept has no resemblance to the brand image whatsoever. They'd look better with less makeup

-I wouldn't have known that they're modelling for Clinique if I didn't read the title