9 September 2016

Goo Hye Sun's non-dressy outfits in award ceremonies

2009 KBS Drama Awards

2009 Busan International Film Festival

2010 Busan International Film Festival

2013 Sydney International Film Festival (she's wearing modernized hanbok)

2015 KBS Drama Awards

Daum Cafe: Goo Hye Sun who's breaking the "award ceremonies = dresses" tradition

-But I really wanna see her in a dress too

-The modern hanbok is gorgeous

-I understand the rest of her outfits but the school uniform is really too muchㅋㅋㅋ It's not a cosplay gathering, but an event that requires formality

-Ahn Jae Hyun is pale too but Goo Hye Sun is really really pale

-Who cares? She can do whatever she wants and she's so cool for that

-She is a doll ㅠㅠㅠ I hope she wears a modernized hanbok again in future award ceremonies. So simple but beautiful

-If she already looks so good in non-formal outfits, she will probably look so stunning in a sparkly evening gown