27 September 2016

Jung Joon Young on this week's 'House Cook Master Baek'

Osen - Naver: 'House Cook Master Baek 2', Jung Joon Young not edited out despite scandal 

1. [+4,849, -752] Jung Joon Young already revealed everything during the press con, why question how he's still on the show? It's reporters who are at fault

2. [+5,052, -835] He turned in his phone, he did nothing wrong so why should he be edited out? ㅋㅋㅋ What're you nitpicking him for now?

3. [+3,271, -481] I firmly believe that if you're a criminal, you deserve punishment but what's not right is the media witch hunting someone and brainwashing the public

4. [+3,947, -986] Maknae Jung Joon Young, fighting. 'Home Cook', fighting

5. [+2,901, -760] Jung Joon Young ate so well ♥

6. [+1,058, -245] He clarified that it wasn't a hidden camera, stop branding him as a criminal. Reporters, think before you write or else write his initials and not full name like you do with female celebrities

7. [+886, -223] I realized the level of Korean media through this case

8. [+927, -246] I watched this and felt so bad for him. It's good to see him working hard. The prosecutors have yet to make an announcement but people are so mean to tell him to leave his programs. Reporters, stop writing speculative articles with provocative titles