24 September 2016

Jung Joon Young under reinvestigation for allegedly filming ex-girlfriend in secret during sexual intercourse

Yonhap News - Naver: Jung Joon Young allegedly 'filmed girlfriend in secret'...prosecutors "to reinvestigate"

1. [+10,603, -452] He took a photo of his girlfriend while they were having sex.. That's a bit..

2. [+9,630, -385] Jung Joon Young... bye...

3. [+7,115, -286] Hul...

4. [+6,505, -165] One thing was left out from the article 'The police demanded him to submit his phone but he said it was broken'

5. [+5,861, -170] The fact: He took a photo using his phone of his girlfriend during sexual intercourse but now he didn't surrender it because he said it's broken. And now, he's under reinvestigation... Bye

6. [+3,361, -63] He left a comment on an article "ㅋㅋMe?" How shameless

7. [+3,352, -80] You're a man and I can understand you sleeping with your girlfriend but how could you secretly film her?.. A lot of women get their lives ruined because of that. If you don't plan on being with her forever then you should've protected what needs to be protected

8. [+3,925, -62] The fact that he did that is so dirty... Doesn't matter if she agreed or not, it's bye bye for you.. I liked Jung Joon Young but I feel so betrayed..

Star News - Naver: Jung Joon Young allegedly filmed girlfriend in secret? Agency 'no response' 

1. [+857, -22] He claimed that his phone is broken when police demanded it. Even if he deleted that one, it would be like opening Pandora's box once the police restores it. I don't think he's only done it once or twice

2. [+743, -20] It's gonna be tough for the agency to shield him now

3. [+495, -18] But he was acting all innocent earlier ㄷㄷㄷ

4. [+218, -12] He's a sex offender..

1. [+964, -67] He secretly filmed a sex video. He's a pervert. Screw off, your perv

2. [+792, -45] I freaked out when I read he filmed his girlfriend in secret -.- He used to be likeable. What a disappointment ㅠㅠ

3. [+784, -45] Seeing how sunken his eyes are, he looks like someone who'd do that anyway

4. [+443, -11] By the way he acts and talks, he seemed so carefree and even though he's a bit weird,  he seemed talented and wise that I never imagined him doing something so disturbing