21 September 2016

Korean dining habit that foreigners don't understand

Daum Cafe: Korean dining habit that foreigners don't understand 

-As a Korean, I don't understand it too...

-I used to not mind it but a lot of posts like this have been popping up recently, I'm realizing how unsanitary it is

-It's honestly gross...imagine eating food with somebody else's spit in it

-But you can't help but do it when you eat stuff like bingsoo or ice cream with friends

-In our family, we used to share jiggae in the same pot but we don't do that anymore. And when we go to restaurants, we always ask for extra bowls

-I hate it, even if I'm sharing it with a family member

-I feel like this practice is slowly disappearing, I can't even remember the last time we did this

-Seems like everyone in the comments say they hate it... At home, at work and with my friends, we all dip our spoons into the dishes and nobody cares

-I didn't realize others find it uncomfortable. It reminds me to be more careful next time



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