28 September 2016

Moon Chae Won signs with Namoo Actors

Ilgan Sports - Naver: Moon Chae Won signs with Namoo Actors, 'under the same roof as Lee Jun Ki'

1. [+1,657, -134] If Moon Chae Won was Moon Lovers' female lead, she suits the role

2. [+892, -43] She matches sageuks.. Do another one similar to 'Princess' Man' or Hwang Jin Yi ♥

3. [+851, -66] Please shoot a drama with Lee Jun Ki

4. [+646, -40] I hope she does another sageuk! She looks good in hanbok

5. [+833, -148] You should've been the lead and not IU

6. [+171, -6] I see a lot of actors who sign with Namoo renew their contracts

7. [+161, -8] Namoo Actors is good at bringing in popular actors

8. [+176, -14] She's in the same agency as Moon Geun Young ㅎㅎㅎ It brings me back to 'Painter of the Wind'.. Datnyang couple

9. [+239, -45] Moon Lovers would've been successful if Moon Chae Won was the lead instead of IU

10. [+108, -4] Their baldy ceo is good at his work, he seems to have a wonderful personality tooㅎㅎ