10 September 2016

tvN10 Award's Best Kiss nominees

Osen - Naver: Eric ♥Seo Hyun Jin, Park Bogum♥ Hyeri...tvN Awards' 'strong candidates'

Full list of nominees

1. [+3,515, -222] Eric and Seo Hyun Jin ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ♡♡

2. [+2,921, -268] Eric and Seo Hyun Jin. Go vote and get them to the top spot. I'm over with tvN if they don't win the award

3. [+2,561, -206] Give the award to Eric and Seo Hyun Jin~~~~ Oh Hae Young was great

4. [+2,361, -193] No couple can beat Eric and Seo Hyun Jin's chemistry

5. [+1,913, -172] Oh Hae Young couple ㄱㄱㄱㄱㄱㄱ

6. [+567, -94] Let Eric and Seo Hyun Jin win this. Their acting was daebak

7. [+480, -75] Eric+Seo Hyun Jin couple wins by chemistry alone

Sports Dong A - Nate: From Eric♥ Seo Hyun Jin to Go Hyun Jung♥ Jo In Sung...Who will be tvN's best couple? 

1. [+467, -52] It will have to be an exclusive award ceremony for the Reply series

2. [+493, -94] Eric♥ Seo Hyun Jin

3. [+370, -84] SeonTaek couple's kiss scene is the best

4. [+248, -157] Lee Jin Wook and Jung Yumi. 'I Need Romance 2012' is the first tvN drama I've kept up with on a weekly basis

5. [+87, -42] Oh My Ghostess' Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young, they had the best chemistry