14 September 2016

Two actresses who were offered the lead role in 'Moon Lovers'

Hwang Jung Eum

Kang So Ra

Daum Cafe: The original female lead candidates for Moon Lovers

-Park Bo Young is my ideal female lead

-IU, Hwang Jung Eum or Kang So Ra, no wonder IU was chosen

-Kim Tae Ri or Moon Chae Won would've been perfect

-IU suits the role best out of the three

-I cannot picture them as Hae Soo....

-IU is a better pick than either Kang So Ra or Hwang Jung Eum

-I was wishing they'd cast Kim So Hyun or Seo Hyun Jin

-Park Eun Bin suits the role, her acting is great ㅜㅜ And I can see her having a good chemistry with Lee Jun Ki

-Kim So Eun... She and Jun Ki looked great together in 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'