18 September 2016

Why Koreans find it hard to learn foreign languages

 "It's hard because the word order in Korean is different from that of other languages"

"Our language has similar word order to Japanese so it's easier to learn in comparison"

Daum Cafe: Why we find it hard to learn foreign languages

-Japanese grammar is so difficult tho.. I took it as a second language and verb conjugation and hanja gave me a mental breakdown

-Eh? Korean is already hard for me...

-Is Spanish hard to learn?
┗I read that Spanish is the easiest language to learn... I suggest giving it a try

-Russian, German and Chinese are the hardest to learn in my opinion

-I can read English but I can't translate them to Korean

-Learning French is a nightmare  ㅠㅠㅠㅠ You have to memorize if a noun is masculine or feminine, plus those accents on top of the letters... it involves a lot of memorization

-I've been learning English since I was in elementary but I still struggle with it