11 October 2016

Honest words of a male idol during his live broadcast

"You were probably at school or went to work"

"You'll do a god job again tomorrow but for today,
 you did really well"

"If you were in pain, I hope you get well"

"It's important to eat, don't skip your meals just to lose weight"

"There are days when things don't go as you planned 
and you feel like giving up"

"When that happens, it's okay to take it easy"

"You often hear others saying how they 
can't stick to their plans for too long"

"But you can try again"

"Giving up isn't a bad thing. It's alright to
give up and try again"

"So whatever happens"

"Never criticize yourself. I hope you think
of yourself as a valuable person.

"You are worthy of love"

"Don't be hard on yourself"

"And even tomorrow,
you all deserve to be cheered"

Instiz: Honest words of a male idol during his live broadcast 

-He speaks so prettily

-Such comforting words ㅠ I worked hard today, so hang in there again tomorrow

-A heart as pretty as his face

-Jinyoung's mentality is jjang. I teared upㅠㅠㅠ

-As expected from a well-read person.. I'm always supporting you

-I had a big exam today.. Thank you for your healing words