17 October 2016

Hwang Jung Eum and husband Lee Young Don spotted watching a baseball game

Mydaily - Naver: Hwang Jung Eum♥ Lee Young Don spotted on a date at a baseball game 'all eyes on them'

1. [+22,440, -542] She seems to have aged all a sudden. Did she dress up to match her husband's style? It must be the hair but she gives the madam feel

2. [+17,081, -424] It could be that hair style that's making her look old ㅋㅋ She looks like a madam from a rich household

3. [+11,418, -442] Classy madam concept..

4. [+8,618, -341] I thought the article was referring to Lee Young Don PD. She's aged after getting arried

5. [+4,496, -380] Hoping you stay happy for a long time..

6. [+1,656, -75] Why do they both look so old? Hwang Jung Eum needs to ditch the side swept hairstyle, she looks like she's in her 40s here

7. [+1,539, -45] That hairstyle makes her look 10 years older

8. [+1,533, -58] She's looking a lot older after getting married. This is not a hate comment but the hairstyle doesn't suit her

9. [+1,519, -66] It must because she's married but she gives the ahjumma feelㅜㅜ Her youthful aura from High Kick is gone

10. [+1,405, -31] She seems disinterested in baseball, she's probably bored and tired sitting through the gameㅎㅎ But her husband's a big baseball fan