31 October 2016

'Hwarang: The Beginning' unveils new poster

Joy News 24 - Naver: Here comes flower boys from 1500 years ago...'Hwarang' unveils poster

1. [+3,015, -87] This is going to be a cringe fest. Feels like the sageuk version of f4

2. [+2,207, -50] It's not that they come up with dramas that are in line with preferences of women but because dramas are backed by Chinese investors and exported to China, they end up being so similar.. I want more diversity

3. [+1,985, -46] What's up with Park Seo Joon's hair;; ha..after the sushi hair, why do this?

4. [+982, -65] Sorry but this kinda looks tacky

5. [+366, -5] What's weird about KBS is they air winter dramas in the summer and put out spring or summer dramas in the winter ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+118, -5] The hair...

7. [+95, -8] Looks like something China would go crazy for

8. [+73, -4] Their hair.. their hair. Who thought fringe was a good idea in a sageuk?

9. [+68, -5] Why can't they invest in higher-quality wigs?

10. [+52, -5] The hwarangs in 'Queen Seondeok' have better looking hair and costumes