16 October 2016

SHINee wins #1 on 'Inkigayo

tv Report - Naver: SHINee wins #1 on 'Inkigayo'... sweeps on public broadcast in just a week

1. [+2,083, -197] They are doing so well lately, it's no joke. Congrats. Hoping the winning streak continues

2. [+1,733, -152] Congrats SHINee!! See you for a long time!!

3. [+1,558, -139] Congrats on the win!! Your live is the best!!

4. [+1,445, -134] Congrats SHINee and Shawols!

5. [+1,401, -125] I love the song^^ SHINee fighting

6. [+410, -22] As expected of SHINee. I'm listening to 1 of 1 and Don't Let Me Go every day

7. [+435, -32] They were on another level when they appeared in the end. They deserved the win

8. [+411, -26] Their stages are really something else. Congrats on the win

9. [+397, -23] I love that how they always manage to be unique. Their digital sales and votes are high and they've been doing lots of tv appearances since comeback, the win is very well deserved! Vocal color, singing skills, live, performance, visuals, healthy mind, good personality..SHINee's just perfection

10. [+377, -21] Their live today was great. This group will definitely stay for the long rum