21 November 2016

If female celebrities in dramas were given arched eyebrows

Im Ji Yeon <Blow Breeze> 

IU <Moon Lovers>

Han Soo Yeon <Moonlight Drawn By Clouds>

Kang Hanna <Moon Lovers>

Chae Soo Bin <Moonlight Drawn By Clouds>

Seo In Young <One More Happy Ending>

Honey Lee <Come Back Mister>

Daum Cafe: Giving female celebrities in dramas arched eyebrows 

-IU is so pretty with arched eyebrows

-Personally, I dislike the look of straight brows... It makes someone look depressed

-With the before and after photos, straight brows really do make the face seem flat while arched give it definition

-The difference in Im Ji Yeon's before and after is pretty drastic.. Totally changes her facial expression

-It suits everyone except Im Ji Yeon and Seo In Young. All the ones in sageuks look better with arched brows