2 November 2016

Jung Joon Young reportedly left for France on a one-way ticket, comeback is uncertain

Edaily - Naver: "Jung Joon Young, left for France without a 'return ticket'"... comeback is uncertain

1. [+25,090, -532] So jealous of him who can run away on a one-way ticket

2. [+17,423, -523] I, too, want to go away on a one-way ticket

3. [+14,932, -555] I suppose he will come back once his visa expires...What's with the unnecessary worries

4. [+9,780, -530] Then he can buy a return ticket when he wants to, right? Reporter's overreacting

5. [+17,058, -3,148] That reporter who ruined his career is probably just resting fine right now

6. [+1,897, -80] Reporter, didn't it ever cross your mind that he can go there without a return ticket but still purchase one when he wants to?? I don't see the big deal in this tsk tsk

7. [+1,779, -58] The current situation here is a mess, so jealous he gets to escape Hell Joseon

8. [+1,550, -90] A lot of backpackers fly on a one-way ticket. Why the need to fuss over it?

9. [+1,476, -95] I'm so jealous. It's useless worrying for celebrities