23 November 2016

Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Shik to guest on '1N2D'

Sports Dong A  - Naver: Park Seo Joon X Park Hyung Shik to guest on '1N2D'... look forward to their chemistry

1. [+1,839, -54] Ah what happened to 1N? It's become a program where people can go to promote

2. [+1,580, -82] Why do they keep inviting guests lately?... Please stick to your original purpose

3. [+1,238, -42] Do they call guests often because there are only 5 members currently? There were 5 of them after Kim Joo Hyuk left and it was fun regardless

4. [+1,066 -41] Is the production team not confident enough? Why do they keep inviting guests?

5. [+1,009, -61] Back then, 1N2D used to reach 40% in ratings even with no guests ㅜ

6. [+207, -15] No more guests... It's good enough with just the members

7. [+197, -15] Ever since they changed the PD, they keep calling guests that come and promote and it's getting boring... I liked it when Yoo Ho Jin PD was around

8. [+194, -16] Is 1N2D also turning into a program for promotions?

9. [+172, -16] 1N2D's become a guest house lately...

10. [+155, -18] Ah please, enough with guests..