14 November 2016

Sechs Kies graces the cover of 'Nylon'

Herald Pop - Naver: "Visual class of 1st generation idols" Sechs Kies reunited, on the cover of a magazine 

1. [+4,205, -108] Sechs Kies going into YG was god's work and YG taking Sechs Kies was also god's work

2. [+3,829, -123] Their faces are handsome..

3. [+3,458, -70] Hard to believe they're almost in their 40s. Men around me who are their age are just ahjusshis

4. [+3,031, -83] Freaking handsome....

5. [+2,099, -169] I'm willing to offer my soul to the devilㅠㅠ So please keep giving us these photoshoots

6. [+1,452, -44] They have no visual hole

7. [+1,539, -90] Eun Ji Won is super handsome.. In 1N2D, he was chubbier, shaved his head, wore no makeup. I didn't know he could look this good.. He looks like in his 20s

8. [+1,366, -40] Look at the class of their visuals... Daebak

9. [+1,274, -41] They're all attractive.. Looking forward to the comeback

10. [+1,184, -37] As expected of YG.. Got them to pose on a magazine cover as soon as they comebackㅋㅋ Amazing