3 November 2016

'The Legend of the Blue Sea' releases stills of the leads' younger versions + Jeon Ji Hyun

Dispatch - Naver: "Kal So Won→ Shin Eun Soo→ Jeon Ji Hyun..'The Legend of the Blue Sea', 3 stage transition

1. [+2,775, -184] Shin Eun Soo is really pretty, she's going to be a lot prettier when she's a lot older

2. [+1,793, -113] Hul the three of them are pretty...

3. [+1,438, -118] Shin Eun Soo's aura...

4. [+1,259, -113] Shin Eun Soo's so pretty.. The younger versions of the male lead look good too

5. [+265, -20] Wow, I saw GOT7's Jinyoung on a music broadcast and he looked handsome. Didn't know he's in this drama too

6. [+242, -20] GOT7's Jinyoung!!!!!! He's good at acting

7. [+200, -9] Hul Jinyoung's handsome

8. [+203, -14] Flower young master Jinyoung-ah, can't wait to watch it!

Sports Chosun - Naver: 'Blue Sea', Jeon Ji Hyun unveiled as mermaid in a legend 'best visuals' 

1. [+1,399, -39] Look how pretty she is. Jeon Ji Hyun is jjang!!

2. [+807, -106] Really excited for this drama ♡ You can trust Jeon Ji Hyun

3. [+828, -128] Pretty. Her visuals here are similar to when she was younger

4. [+674, -93] While looking at Jeon Ji Hyun's poster for a soju ad, I kept wondering if there will be another celebrity with the same golden proportions

5. [+622, -104] Wow Jeon Ji Hyun is a stunner.. Looking forward to the drama

6. [+49, -6] If only this drama came out in the summer. I feel cold just looking at the stills ㅠㅠ

7. [+41, -6] She gave birth not too long ago, didn't she?