1 December 2016

'1N2D' denies that Jung Joon Young is returning to the show

Ilgan Sports - Naver: [Exclusive] Jung Joon Young to appear on this week's '1N2D', "comeback is impending"

1. [+4,659, -720] He did nothing wrong, it's just right that he returns

2. [+2,725, -343] I hope reporters would just leave him alone until it's confirmed that he's coming back

3. [+3,026, -629] Tons of people have been waiting for his comeback

4. [+2,442, -547] Joon Young-ah, come back soon. You have to be on 1N2D

5. [+1,902, -492] Assa!!!!!

6. [+195, -48] I can't trust exclusive articles anymore. I'm guessing 1N2D's reps will soon respond that nothing's been decided yet

1. [+754, -153] His comeback should have happened a lot sooner, this whole thing was blown way out of proportion

2. [+657, -113] He had a good vacation in France thanks to that kkot-baemㅋㅋ

3. [+564, -125] He did nothing wrong, it's alright if he comes back

4. [+35, -32] Won't be watching~~

5. [+34, -30] I'm liking 1N2D lately, I'm afraid I have to stop watching if he comes back

6. [+31, -41] Isn't it too early for him to come back?

Osen - Naver: '1N2D' reps "There have been no discussions about his return" 

1. [+349, -51] Inspectors reported that 50-60 celebrity media outlets were witch-hunting him like mad the whole week after the scandal broke, it's outrageous. Both Jung Joon Young and 1N2D are victims

2. [+597, -125] Isn't it weird that 1N2D's not discussing about his return? He's not guilty nor did anything wrong, I don't understand this kind of feedback from the production team. Let him return asap

3. [+461, -109] Please come back, the show just seems to be in better form if you're there. I wanna see your hardworking side soon

4. [+457, -119] He should come back. Celebrities who did nothing wrong are forced to quit their shows and threatened to be exiled from the industry while people like Lee Se Young who caused big trouble tries to settle it all with an apology...

5. [+53, -9] Let's stop jumping into conclusions until Jung Joon Young and 1N2D have reached a decision

6. [+65, -16] Just comeback already jung joonyoung we miss you (tn: written in English)